The Real

Elle   November 30, 2016   No Comments on The Real

I’ve thought about posting often but putting my thoughts into words makes it all real.  There’s been a lot over the last three months that I wanted to share but didn’t want to accept but being open now for a month, I’ve decided to not be selfish with the journey so Im going to catch you up on specific posts of info over a few entries over the next week or so.  I’ve been working hard these last two weeks to get centered, organized and productive. Hence this post, not to mention there are about six leaks in Bella today which gave me some free time, free time I haven’t much of since we opened.

As Im sure you can imagine getting open was a process and we did celebrate on 10/22 and open on 10/23 and although there has been more good than bad….. Its still been a journey.

Thanks for sticking with us, if you’ve come in already, I appreciate you more than you could ever imagine.

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