Elle   August 2, 2016   No Comments on Sistars

I’d be remiss in chronicling my journey if I didn’t highlight the amazing woman I have met and worked with.  Their presence is in this chapter of my journey has been a present.  Whomever said alpha females don’t run in packs have surveyed lame woman (sorry) or just don’t know VivianaBailey or Lulu!

I am surrounded by strong, opinionated, amazing, passionate, caring, considerate, creative, calming, supportive, inspiring, communicative, smart, funny women on this journey I’m on and I love it and love them.  Although I met all three of these ladies only within the last year I know they’re stuck with me forEVVVVVVVA!!! (in my Cardi B voice)

As the excitement builds so does my anxiety!!! so glad to have these sistars in my life and in my corner.

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