Elle   March 18, 2016   2 Comments on Reflection

I started this journey based on a random day dream in December in 2014, after months of talking to my mother I finally convinced her Mother’s Day weekend 2015 that it was ok for me to quit my job of 14 years and abandon my career of almost 20 years. I quickly found my space in June 2015 and five months later I finalized my lease in November of 2015. I quickly started to push my planning forward though the pace was somewhat slow and I was very much a novice.  I had to work with an architect and award a bid to a contractor.  Although there was more confusion in this process than I liked it was a pretty painless process.  As of today the landlord has finally finally (yes finally finally) taken the steps to start to complete their work so that my contractor can start to plan to start my work and I’m sure that this is going to adversely impact my grand opening but I’m going to make the best of it and celebrate my progress. #myjourney #mystory #badass #she #her #beyou #bebeautiful #bebella

2 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Onida Cruz

    I can’t not wait to be a “regular” at your salon. I enjoy looking at each of the fabulous touches you and your designer have infused into the decor via IG. I know it’s going to be the swankiest nail salon/spa in the tri-state. Kudos to you for perusing your dream! You are an inspiration to women entrepreneurs.


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