The Real

Elle   November 30, 2016   No Comments on The Real

I’ve thought about posting often but putting my thoughts into words makes it all real.  There’s been a lot over the last three months that I wanted to share but didn’t want to accept but being open now for a month, I’ve decided to not be selfish with the journey so Im going to catch you up on specific posts of info over a few entries over the next week or so.  I’ve been working hard these last two weeks to get centered, organized and productive. Hence this post, not to mention there are about six leaks in Bella today which gave me some free time, free time I haven’t much of since we opened.

As Im sure you can imagine getting open was a process and we did celebrate on 10/22 and open on 10/23 and although there has been more good than bad….. Its still been a journey.

Thanks for sticking with us, if you’ve come in already, I appreciate you more than you could ever imagine.

The Home Stretch

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As bumpy as this week was and as melancholy as I’ve been for the past seven days (because we are not finished yet), this was still somehow or another a good week.  I realized yesterday that it’s been a while since I’ve had a good day, you know the kind of day where this go as planned but at the same time most of the obstacles had reasonable solutions (most of them).

I’d say we’re about 85% done with the space and I’m praying that the final city inspection is on Monday.


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I’d be remiss in chronicling my journey if I didn’t highlight the amazing woman I have met and worked with.  Their presence is in this chapter of my journey has been a present.  Whomever said alpha females don’t run in packs have surveyed lame woman (sorry) or just don’t know VivianaBailey or Lulu!

I am surrounded by strong, opinionated, amazing, passionate, caring, considerate, creative, calming, supportive, inspiring, communicative, smart, funny women on this journey I’m on and I love it and love them.  Although I met all three of these ladies only within the last year I know they’re stuck with me forEVVVVVVVA!!! (in my Cardi B voice)

As the excitement builds so does my anxiety!!! so glad to have these sistars in my life and in my corner.


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However its defined, we have started to make it.

Bella is finally not looking like a construction site.  The walls are insulated, closed and painted.  The HVAC is not just installed but working. The lights are all sparkling. My soul is happy yet anxious.  Its clear that she (Bella), yes her will be very very pretty and it’s our goal to provide amazing services to match the aesthetics.  The next seven days should put us closer to the finish line.

Impatiently Patient

It’s been a very long time since I felt up to making an entry, its July and Bella is still not open.  Although we’ve made progress not being open has not been enough progress for me.  Who knew it would take five months to feel that progress have been made.

Looking back over the last four months I’ve had highs and lows, thankfully more highs than lows. This journey is still very surreal for me.  I mean I have a Masters in Health Administration and almost 20 years of hospital administration experience and here I am almost opening a nail lounge and beauty bar.  I never painted anyone’s nails until February 2016 (after I started nail tech school) but the transferrable skills I’ve developed have definitely created a tool box that has prepared me for this journey.

My biggest issue aside from being a fish out of water, communication. As a somewhat corporate person now dealing with a lot of creatives…. lets just say Im still learning.  Although I always though I used both my left side and the right side of my brain…. I’m definitely more of a left side of the brain kind of girl.  Yes, I am learning a lot about myself on this jou

don’t understand why it takes so long, I’ve heard a variety of reasons none seemed ok.

My three biggest blessings, finding an amazing interior designer (Bailey Li), the perfect teacher (turned manager) for me Ms. Lulu Cooper (aka the nail whisper) and realizing that this day dream of mine has turned into a randomly awesome life changing idea. Ok so I’ve had another big blessing and thats finding a team that understands my vision and has the amazing energy, experience and enthusiasm to help me make Bella all that I want it to be.

This week walls are getting insulated and closed, the lights are being hung, the sinks are being installed and before the week is over Bella will be painted and that means next week the space will look like less of a construction site and more like an amazing upscale nail lounge and beauty bar.

#beyou #bebeautiful #bebella



Elle   March 18, 2016   2 Comments on Reflection

I started this journey based on a random day dream in December in 2014, after months of talking to my mother I finally convinced her Mother’s Day weekend 2015 that it was ok for me to quit my job of 14 years and abandon my career of almost 20 years. I quickly found my space in June 2015 and five months later I finalized my lease in November of 2015. I quickly started to push my planning forward though the pace was somewhat slow and I was very much a novice.  I had to work with an architect and award a bid to a contractor.  Although there was more confusion in this process than I liked it was a pretty painless process.  As of today the landlord has finally finally (yes finally finally) taken the steps to start to complete their work so that my contractor can start to plan to start my work and I’m sure that this is going to adversely impact my grand opening but I’m going to make the best of it and celebrate my progress. #myjourney #mystory #badass #she #her #beyou #bebeautiful #bebella

Hello world!

Bella   March 8, 2016   No Comments on Hello world!

Although the planning and preparing has been productive, it seems that we are finally going to start to make real progress with the bricks and mortar. #staytuned